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Some moments are special in every woman’s life and one such moment is Pregnancy. A woman needs to take very special care when she is pregnant. It means taking care of your diet and living a healthy lifestyle. But this becomes even more critical when a woman is expecting Twins. This is termed as ‘Twin Pregnancy’ by gynaecologists. One needs to understand more about Twin Pregnancy before caring for it.

Facts about the twin Pregnancy.

In a twin pregnancy one or more egg gets fertilized at the same time. Hence certain things become of paramount nature. And these are things like:

Genetic factor- If twins run in your family. There are chances that you too will have it.

Age factor- The older the woman gets chances of twin pregnancies increases. It may happen as fertilization takes time and 2 eggs gets fertilized at same time.

IVF Factor- If someone is having baby through IVF sometimes two eggs may be fertilized.

There are few types of twins. Amongst them most common are fraternal twins.

Fraternal twins- Here two eggs are fertilized by two different sperms. And each foetus will have its own placenta and amniotic sac. When this happens, chances are that one may 2 pairs of boys, girls or a boy and girl.

Identical twins- In this scenario, only one egg gets fertilized. This is split into 2 separate foetuses. It is possible that both twins may share only one amniotic sac. The identical will be of same sex, have similar features and characterstics.

This is unlike Fraternal twins where both may look different and have separate features too.

Its Diagnosis.

It is very hard for to predict if you will have twins. A Doctor can diagnose if you have twin through an ultrasound . Hence even if you are twin chances are you may not have twin babies.

Health care measures:

Once a woman knows she is carrying twins it becomes essential to keep certain things in mind like.

Frequent check-ups- A Twin pregnancy is different from normal pregnancy. In Twin pregnancy one will be asked to come for frequent check ups to monitor the growth of babies and health of the mother. It becomes more frequent as the delivery time comes nearer.

Weight Gain- A woman who is having twins will need to eat bit more than a normal pregnancy. A gynaecologist may ask you to gain around 37 pounds more weight.

C-Section- The chance of C-Section too increases in twin pregnancies. This may happen if the delivery date has been crossed. And it will lower the risk of complications to mother and babies.

It is best to consult a good gynaecologist like Dr.Kiran for twin pregnancies. She will guide you about the diet and has a good success rate in delivering twins.


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