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Most women reach child bearing age between 18 and 35 years. In this period, it becomes essential to consult a specialist doctor like a gynaecologist. At this age counselling becomes necessary for every woman. It is vital to consult a good gynaecologist to understand your body better. Today some women choose to go for pre conceptional counselling. This is usually done by a health care professional or gynecologist. A woman should be mentally ready before visiting such a specialist.

A preconception counselling is the need of the hour for every woman who wants to have good reproductive health and obstetric outcome. There are certain steps involved in pre conceptional counselling. When you plan to visit a gynaecologist be prepared to answer every question.

In a Preconception counselling, one would be asked to fill the prerequisite questions. This should be completed before visiting the specialist. These questions are related to your health. These questions can be of general as well as of specific nature. You are asked to share the history of a previous illness in your family. One may also ask you questions about your lifestyle and eating habits. These help in determining if you are fit and ready to become pregnant.

One may be asked to undergo the blood test. This is done to determine the CBC, sugars and thyroid status in the body. For a healthy pregnancy the blood level should remain normal. If it's less it might affect your chances of becoming pregnant.

There are some medicines like Folic acid to be taken in pre-conception time and some medicines of pre-existing diseases like Hypertension, Epilepsy to be changed while planning pregnancy.

At the same time, it helps in determining any underlying blood related ailments like anemia, thalassemia, Diabeties and hypothyroidism .

This makes it necessary for every woman who plans to conceive to consult a specialist. Here are some well known benefits of a good preconception counselling:

- Sometimes diabetes runs in the family. The blood work in the Preconception counselling helps doctors to diagnose if you have it. It might as well help in diagnosing any problems it might create in the future in childbirth.

- This also lowers the risks of still births. As doctors will diagnose such conditions beforehand.

- This also lowers the risk of neo natal infections. When a baby is born, pre conceptional counselling can evaluate such dangers before the birth. It helps in diagnosing such issues and find the cure for it.

It is essential that you choose a good and knowledgeable pre conceptional counselling center. One should always go to the specialist in the field.


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