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Every woman needs a Gynaecologist at some point in her life. Gynaecology is the field where surgeons study the Reproductive system. A gynaecologist is the person who deals with problems of the Uterus, Cervix or Vagina. There are many things which afflict your reproductive system. When problems of the uterus are detected at an early age it helps in keeping it healthy.

A Gynaecologist would first take an ultrasound of your uterus. And ask questions about your periods. It is best to answer all such questions honestly. A visit to a gynaecologist becomes a must when one is pregnant. In such a situation, a gynaecologist would guide you about diet, lifestyle.

Gynaecology heals ailments like Uterine fibroid, uterus removal or abnormal bleeding ailment.

Some common Gynaecology surgeries are:

1. 1. Hysterectomy - This is performed on the uterus. In a Hysterectomy, the uterus is removed. This happens when there is development of Uterine Fibroid, cancer of cervix, uterine cancer, Adenomyosis and Uterine prolapse. The type of surgery is dependent on the nature of ailment.

Types of Hysterectomy surgeries.

Traditional open surgery- It’s the common form of surgery for fibroid removal. Here an incision of 5- 7 inches is made across the belly and uterus is removed. This will cure the problem but women can never get pregnant. Hence, most gynae surgeons avoid this surgery.

Laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery- This is a minimal invasive surgery to keep the uterus intact. In Hysterectomy surgery, A Laparoscope tube with telescope and camera is inserted in the navel through a small cut. The camera helps in viewing the image of the uterus on the screen. This helps in the tumour removal with exact precision without affecting the uterus.

2. Myomectomy - It is another way to remove Uterine Fibroid. The fibroids affect the women of child bearing age though it may affect anyone at any age.

Myomectomy surgery- In a Myomectomy surgery, a small cut is made through the belly button. A small laparoscope tube with camera and tools at one end are inserted in the uterus. The fibroid is removed with an image on the screen. The instruments cut fibroid in small pieces.

This is beneficial as it lowers the menstrual bleeding and lessens the chances of fibroid. Hence most gynaecologists suggest this surgery if one wants to have a baby in future.

3. Ovarian Cystectomy - Ovaries are a very delicate organ. It is possible that a woman develops cyst in the ovary. This usually engulfs the whole ovary. The best process to remove ovarian cystectomy is through.

Cystectomy surgery- This is performed under general anaesthesia by the Gynaecologists. This is a minimal invasive form of surgery. A small incision is made through the lower abdomen. A Gynaecologogist inserts a Laparoscope tube through this hole. A surgeon would perform surgery with the help of a camera on one end. Gynaecologists would remove cysts by looking at the image on the screen.

These are the best surgeries in Gynaecology to preserve reproductive health as well.


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