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A uterus is the most vital organ in the woman’s body. Any damage to the uterus affects a woman’s child bearing capacity. It is best to deal with the uterus related problems at the earliest. It is best to consult your gynaecologist if one suffers from this issues. Today technology has become advanced and this has helped in dealing with uterus related ailments.

The best surgery/procedure to diagnose and treat an abnormal bleeding is hysteroscopy. In the earlier times it was difficult to perform such a surgery. This is not the case any longer. In hysteroscopy, a small diameter device is inserted in the uterus through vagina without any cut . Doctors can see inside the uterus with the help of a camera attached.

Hysteroscopy is recommended to evaluate the endometrial cavity. It helps in identification of any abnormal area, polyps fibroids. It also helps in while evaluating the endometrial canal and tubal ostia in fertility related issues.

This also helps in removing the fibroid and polyps from the uterus. This helps in giving the right location of the fibroid in the uterus. Hysteroscopically many surgeries like removal of uterine septa, lost IUCD, removal of adhesions can also be done.

It is the most preferred form of surgery as it holds many benefits like;

● Shorter hospital stay.

In most uterus related surgeries, it is assumed that one would need to spend a long time in the hospital. This is not the case in hysteroscopy . One may leave the hospital in same day.

● You recover quickly.

In hysteroscopy the recovery time gets shortened. One can resume normal work in a few days.

● A safe procedure for menopausal women.

Women experience menopause after the age of 50. This surgery is safe for postmenopausal women. It helps in identification of post-menopausal bleeding and treatment like removal of polyps of fibroids can be done in same sitting.

● No/less pain medication.

One would need very little pain medication after this surgery. The wound would heal quickly hence one needs little pain medicine

This has made this minimal invasive surgery most in demand. Most gynaecologists would recommend this surgery due to its advantages.


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