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The term adolescence refers to a specific age group. The years which are dubbed as "adolescent years" are 10 – 19 years. In this period, a girl goes through many changes. These changes start becoming visible. These changes are more noticeable in girls than in boys. Girls grow physically at this age. They grow in height and there is the development of breasts. Internally also uterus and other pelvic organs grows at this age. Most girls experience puberty as they start having their periods.

In some sense, these are the most difficult years for a girl. It is essential to give special care to the girl both in terms of physical as well as emotional care. A girl may try to understand these changes. It is crucial to contact a gynaecologist to make the girl understand more about her body.

There are certain things or talks which become crucial at this age. It becomes essential to have the sex talk and talk on menstrual hygiene. This can be done through parents, teachers or doctors. It is best to inculcate sexual studies in the syllabus. It helps a girl in understanding about the changes in her body.

It is also essential to fix an appointment with a gynaecologist. They can explain and examine the reproductive organs. A gynaecologist will answer her every query and make her aware of the reproductive organ.

When there is a delay in periods it affects your ovulation as well. This makes it harder for you to become pregnant. An irregular period lessens your chances of pregnancy.

It also becomes essential to lead a healthy and fit life in the adolescent years. A doctor may also suggest a special diet to maintain healthy growth. It becomes vital to make certain changes like:

Eating healthy

It is vital to eat healthy at this age. One may be asked to include iron and protein rich diet. It helps in preventing anaemia and help in growth.

Eating a balanced diet.

A balanced diet helps in your growth years. In a balanced diet, one should eat fruits, vegetables, fibres as well as healthy fat. This supplies the body with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Drinking more water.

It becomes vital to drink 6- 8 glasses of water daily. It helps in hydrating the organs and boosting digestion as well.

Eating fruits.

It is good to start your day with fruits. Fruits are powerhouses of nutrients and vitamins. Hence one should eat it first in the morning.

It is critical to realize the importance of good adolescent care. This will ensure that your growth is healthy in the later years.

Cervical cancer prevention vaccine is also given at this time, your doctor will guide and tell you more about cervical cancer prevention vaccine. Three doses are needed for HPV vaccine.


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